A Few More Minutes (bp coyle)

Saturday 7:50 pm

Perfect. Here nice and early. I’d much rather be early than late. Especially for a first date. Have I got the place right? Yes, yes, of course I have! Meet outside the restaurant. Our booking is for eight thirty. I’ll just straighten my tie in the window. There! Gosh it’s busy in there, I hope we aren’t waiting too long for a table.

Saturday 8:10 pm

Starting to rain a little, should have thought of an umbrella. Luckily there’s an awning over the window which gives a little shelter. I hope she hasn’t forgotten. Or changed her mind. She ‘s just fashionably late. Maybe the traffic is bad from her direction.

Saturday 8:30 pm

Damn! Do I go in and tell them to hold the table? This is awkward. I’ll give it a few more minutes. I wish we’d arranged to meet somewhere else. That couple at the table by the window have been watching me since I got here. Giggling. I’d walk around a bit but it’s really coming down now. And I might miss her when she arrives.

Saturday 9:10 pm

Cold. Wet. I don’t think she’s coming. I’ll give her a few more minutes…

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