A Matter of Opinion (bp coyle)

What the Hell was that awful noise you were making in the shower just now?’

What noise?’

It was horrible. Like a cat was being strangled.’

I’ve no idea what you are talking about.’

You weren’t trying to sing were you?’

What? Yeah… I guess. I always sing in the shower. I’m sure lots of people do it.’

I’ve never heard you doing it before.’

Well… You have always been in the shower with me and my mind was on other things. This must be the first time I’ve taken a shower alone while you were around.’

Well, you’ll have to stop doing it. It really is appalling. It hurt my ears.’

If it’s that bad then I guess you’ll just have to hop in with me every time and distract me.’

No. Just don’t do it again. It’s bad enough that you snore all night but I draw the line at our attempts to kill music.’

You know, that is more than a little bit rude.’

No, it’s not rudeness it’s honesty. You can’t sing, that’s a fact.’

Fine, I may not have the greatest voice but you are rude!’

That’s a matter of opinion.’

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