At Least She’s Happy Now (bp coyle)

I’ve been reading through her emails. Well, I set up that account for her and she never changed the password, so it’s only natural. Don’t worry, I only check on them every hour or so, I’m not obsessing.

Anyway, she’s been chatting to a new guy for the past few weeks, chatting a lot. You’d think I’d be jealous. Resentful even. But no, not at all. She’s such a wonderful person, she deserves the best. More than that after all I put her through. I just want her to be happy.

The dude seems fine, good sense of humour. Made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Exactly up her street. Things I might have said, if things had worked out different.

The chat can get a bit kinky at times, I usually skim through that.

They are meeting up at the weekend, so I will tag along, check him out, make sure he’s the real deal, not some jerk playing her.

Okay, well, gotta go. She has a business meeting shortly, so the apartment will be empty for a couple of hours. She didn’t change the locks after she threw me out. So…

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