Bee Daddy – Part II (Story by Todd Thommes)

I had left the hospital and was still recovering from the killer bee attack when the compulsions started. I drew hexagons all over the floor and walls. Drawing, building, and sculpting them became my obsession. After finding something sweet, I would be compelled to move first in a straight line down the center of a hexagon, while swaying side to side, followed by a semicircle, then repeating it in the opposite direction. The details varied by location. Nearby bees became little maniacs, swarming and causing a real panic everywhere I went.

I stopped going out. I found out it was known as a “waggle dance”. Bees did it. People didn’t. Or weren’t supposed to. The whole dance was described by six-dimensional math on a surface that appeared as a hexagon in two dimensions, just like the shape of the honeycomb and tuned to the strength of earth’s magnetic field. Bees used it to pinpoint a food source. Apparently, I was now that food source. Soon after, I realized I could sense the six dimensions of earth’s magnetic field, opening my world to more than just the common three of width, length, and height. But would I dare to go there?

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