Boyfriend Number Nine (bp coyle)

Yeah no surprise, he was just like all the ones who came before. Nice as pie when anyone was around, but as soon as we were alone it was rough hands everywhere, God that boy left bruises. He was another lousy kisser too. They all have been except for number three. I almost kinda liked number three, he had the cutest dimple on his chin. Nine was the second best looking though, way better than number eight who was totally the worst. Number five was the fattest and number seven anorexically thin.

Anyway, It makes no difference now who kissed well or who was hot. They are all buried in the woods behind Mr Johnson’s farm. Along with Mr Johnson of course, he wasn’t a boyfriend just an old perv. He came before all of the boyfriends, he was the second one to go in the ground, after Uncle Frank. Damn, Uncle Frank was touching me for as long as I can remember. He is the only one who wasn’t dead before I buried him.

Sometimes I think I might be a bit weird. I am fifteen ffs and I have only had nine boyfriends so far.

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