:( (bp coyle)

What happened? Honestly, I don’t know where to begin.

After the crash, with Bill on life support and us having no idea if he would pull through, I thought that maybe I should contact his family. He fell out with them years ago. Hell, I’ve never met to any of them and we’ve been married almost twenty years.

Anyway, I went through the contacts on his phone to see if he had any numbers, it was a long shot but I thought I should make the effort. Honestly, I was so upset about Bill that I just wanted to keep doing things, keep myself distracted.

There it was. It simply said ‘Dad’ and had a sad face next to it. That made me cry. I was an emotional wreck at the time.

So, after a lot of procrastinating, and three glasses of wine, I rang.

She answered. This woman with a sexy voice. This woman saying: ‘Where have you been sweetie? I was so worried.’ This woman saying: ‘I hope that bitch of a wife hasn’t upset you.’

He’s been cheating on me for… who knows how long?

And he hid her number under ‘Dad’ with a sad face.

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