Cat Monkey (story by Michael Cosma)

We were so lost. A ways back we took the wrong path and now we were cutting through the thick brush with our hands. “I told you not to go that way!”

Dusk was descending and I could feel the insects biting my arms and legs. We should have been home an hour ago. “I am freakin’ hungry!”

A strange pulsating sound with deep overtones was nearby and we could see flashes of light. “What is that?” We crept cautiously toward the sound and lights.

Peering out we saw what could only be described as little cat monkeys. The little figures had cat like faces on what resembled the body of a monkey. There were four of them standing outside of a cylindrical shaped craft. They appeared to be discussing something and looking down at a smart phone type object.

One of us stepped on a stick making a cracking sound and alerting them of our presence. Immediately, one of the cat monkeys had grabbed me by the arm and was dragging me toward the craft and the other three.

They pointed to the smartphone and I could see they were looking for Cleveland. They had just landed in Youngstown.

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