Checklist (bp coyle)

Milk, milk, milk, I always forget to buy milk.  So sick of drinking sour stuff.  Yuck.

Ham, eggs, fresh bread, sugar, four pounds of hamburger meat, rice.

And coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

Light bulbs!!!!  

Also fuses, batteries for my torch, a couple of gallons of kerosene.

Some new cables ties, I am almost out of them.  Funny how quick they get used up.  Five boxes.

Keep an eye out for something better to use as a gag, that last girl almost shouted the place down, lucky nobody heard.

New rope.  I really will miss the old one, so many happy memories, so many legs tied open, but it is way too frayed and bloodstained now.  I can keep the old one in the shed.

I wish I could afford a new spade.  Maybe when I go to the store again next month.

Oh yeah, I should really drive back home by way of Deacon Woods, I need to find somewhere new to bury them all.

And some chocolate, I ought to allow myself a treat once in a while.

Maybe I will go for a blond next time, been a while since I had a blond one.

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