Cold Call (bp coyle)


‘Hey there, am I speaking to Jack Kerrigan?’

‘Ye…yes… Who is this? Do I know you?’

‘No sir, Haven’t had the pleasure yet. Let me introduce myself. My name is Bo Tyler and I represent the Hyper-Personal Insurance Agency.’

‘Okay Bo, you can stop right there. I am not interested…’

‘No problem, Jack. Can I call you Jack? I know how you feel. But have you ever asked yourself how you would cope if anything were to happen to that pretty wife of yours? Rose, isn’t it? It’s a dangerous world out there Jack, bad things happen to good people.’

‘What the… Is this a threat?’

‘Jack, Jack, Jack, don’t be silly. Nobody’s making threats We’re just two grown men talking about the harsh realities of life. Even your daughter Hayley will have to face them one day Jack. She’s pretty hot too. What’s she in… fifth grade now? My how times flies. I like what she did with her hair this morning. There’s a lot of very bad people out there Jack. People who do ugly things to pretty little girls.

‘Any responsible father would take out a lot of insurance to keep his family safe.’
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