Collaborators (bp coyle)

We chose the wrong side. Now we await our execution.

Traitors. Collaborators. Betrayers of humanity. We are despised and vilified. Billions will celebrate our passing. We conspired with the enemy. With the aliens who tried to invade Earth.

They promised to save out planet, to restore order and balance. They promised to teach us how to live in perfect harmony with our planet. And okay, most of us thought their approach was heavy-handed. Too direct. Too forceful.

‘Humans,’ they explained, ‘won’t listen to the truth. They have to be forced to do the right thing. They have had so much time to do it on their own. It hasn’t happened. It never will. They need to be shown the way, whatever it takes.’

They contacted like minded ones among us, told us to take a lead, to make the way ready. They did not anticipate the way the whole world would unify against them. In the face of overwhelming resistance, they backed down, changed their minds. ‘The cost would be too high,’ they said. ‘There would be no planet left to save by the time it was all over.

They left us behind to pay for their good intentions.

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