Do You Believe in Fairies? (bp coyle)

‘Hey sweetie. How was your day with Grangran?’

‘We had fun! I like staying with her.’

‘She’s always been good with kids, even when I was your age. She’s not so good with grown ups, but kids, that she has nailed.’

‘Mama, did you know that Grangran can see fairies?’

‘Yes… She did. When she was a little girl like you. She told me about it many times.’

‘Oh I know all about that but she saw them again last night. Right down the bottom of her garden. Right beside the rose bushes. She showed me the spot.’

‘Did she? Well… Grangran is very old sweetie. Sometimes she sees things that aren’t real.’

‘Do you think fairies aren’t real Mama?’


‘The tooth fairy is real! She came last week and took my tooth away.’

‘That’s right sweetie, she did.’

‘So I guess other types of fairies must be real too!’

‘I guess…’

‘Grangran saw three fairies dancing around a tiny fire.’

‘Did she?’

‘Mama, do you think I’ll ever see fairies? I so want to!’

‘Maybe one day sweetie. When your old like Grangran. Maybe at that age we all get to see fairies.’

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

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