Easter Surprise (bp coyle)

Finally, that stupid doctor has given me meds that work.  They work real good.

I feel like my old self again.  Better than my old self.  I feel alive.  Ready to take on the world.

Those meds work so well I took more than the prescription suggested.

All those months of lying around, without the energy to do a thing.

Barely able to dress myself or brush my teeth.  Unable to cook, to do laundry.

Now I’m back.  Oh Yeah.

And just in time for Easter.

The kids deserve more, I have not been there for them at all.

This is going to be a special Easter indeed, because what do you think of at this time of year?

Rabbits, of course!

I am making rabbit stew as a treat.

I found a nice recipe online and picked up three little bunnies from the butcher.

Won’t their faces look so happy when they see them on their plates?

It will be something to tell their friends.

Something to remember all their lives.

I’m back and better than ever.

Best Mum of all time!

Just one more little pill to tide me over.

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