Friends (bp coyle)

Ironic cheers went up from my friends when I entered the bar. Some lame jokes were offered.

Wow, who’s this stranger?’

I’d forgotten what he looked like.’

They were the best ones.

I forced a smile. ‘Hey I’ve been busy, alright?’

Yeah, busy getting…’

You know what? I’m not going to record what they said. Crude remarks, accompanied by hands gestures and noises.

I knew they were only teasing, I tried to keep my cool.

You’re all jealous,’ I half laughed and went to get a drink.

Phil joined me at the bar as I waited, he was the one I was closest too. ‘So,’ he asked with a malicious grin. ‘How’s things with Gillian?’

She’s grand,’ I assured him. ‘Not too happy with me going out tonight.’

Phil nodded towards the table with our cronies. ‘I bet you’re glad you came though.’

Were they always such idiots?’ I asked.

He laughed. ‘You only noticing now? I think you matured since you moved in with Gillian. Or else grown cynical. Knock back your drink and slip out before they notice. Go home to Gillian. You know where to find me us idiots if you ever need to.

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