Good Luck Charm (story by R C Peris)

I bought the binoculars for $89.99 on Amazon. They arrived in two days. I took the day off from work to wait for the package to arrive. I nearly screamed in excitement when the doorbell rang. The delivery man had rushed off and I grabbed the box from the welcome mat. I got dressed in black pants and a black shirt. I put a water bottle and snacks in my backpack along with my journal, which was messy and nearly full of my misery and ravings. I drove my car five miles away to a brick office building. I took the elevator to the top floor and then walked down the hallway to the door that led to the roof. It was dusk and the light was slowly waning. I got my binoculars, tucked securely in the zippered pocket of my bag, and positioned them on an apartment building across the way. Fifth floor window and sliding door leading to a balcony. The shades were drawn.

My ex-boyfriend walked into his apartment. He put his keys on a side table along with his wallet. He stuck his phone on a charger. He removed his shoes. This was his routine. He went into the kitchen and poured whiskey into a squat glass. Two sips. Then he looked up. He went to the door and opened it. She walked in. The new girlfriend. Blonde and confident. They kissed and hugged. She slipped her shoes off. She ran her hands through her hair and secured it with a hair band. That’s when I saw it. The bracelet. The good luck charm my ex-boyfriend gave me when I was going to Guatemala. It was a cheap bracelet but he said it would keep me safe. When we split a few weeks ago I couldn’t find the bracelet. I emailed and texted my ex-boyfriend. Do you have the bracelet? Do you have it? No answer. And now the new girlfriend had it. I looked at my bare wrist. I put down the binoculars and stepped onto the ledge. I had no more good luck. I had run empty. I got fired a week ago and they were repossessing my car. I had no boyfriend. No friends.

I jumped from ledge and on the way down, but before I hit the ground, I had no regrets just terrible anger that my good luck charm was stolen from me.

Fuck you, Roger.” And the world went black.

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