Gratitude (a story by Lynda Appell)

Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze fondly reflected on what she was grateful for.  She was happily married to her highschool sweetheart.   Over all her days were definitely on the plus side.  Now if only her she didn’t wear plus size clothes.  Then she would definitely be on the right track.   She sighed as she thought of how she tracked down a fine man for herself and most definitely vice versa  Seymour Toze.  The name , the woman mused fit him well being he was a pedicurist at the local shoe store.
Lady Lynda looked at her reflection in the mirror, while reflecting on how she could exercise more on some modern manual exerciser. Then her dream of being perfectly pert would at last come true.  With that goal in mind,  Seymour Toze’s wife vowed she’d purchase a mini stepper..  She felt better knowing she was doing something toward her goal of being fit.  Suddenly she heard the front door open   Knowing it was her mate, the woman gleefully opened the door.
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