Happy Times (bp coyle)

So, I’ve decided to re-edit all of my memories of our time together. It’s been so long ago now that it really doesn’t matter to anyone any more. You probably barely remember what I look like, if you remember me at all. I still have photos, I’d put good money on you having burned all of yours.

Anyway, I am going to cut out all of the bad times, totally erase them. The fights, the tears, the heartache, all gone. It probably amounts to eighty per cent of things but whatever, why hang onto them?

There were good moments, even good days. Walks by the ocean, picnics in the forest, kisses in the rain. That’s what I want to hold onto. The things I want to recall when I am sitting on the porch of an old folks home with a blanket on my knees.

I want you, want us, to be my happy place. God knows, it been years since I have had one of those.

But damn it all, now I have started to miss you all over again.

I can feel a pain in my heart. A longing.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

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