Headphones (bp coyle)

I love headphones, they are the coolest things.

I have AirPods. Daddy bought them for me after the time he got angry. Well, Daddy is always angry I guess. This was the time he got SUPER angry and did the BAD THING…

Anyhow, back to headphones. You’ve probably been using them all of your life without giving them a second thought, except when you can’t find them or they get tangled.

How much do you know about them? Not much I’d say. Like do you know who invented them? Or when?

I do!

The first successful set were made by the inventor Nathaniel Baldwin way back in 1910!

Wow! Imagine that. Headphones have been around for over a hundred years. I bet you didn’t know that.

There’s lots of other fascinating things I could tell you but you’re probably not as crazy about them as I am and I don’t want to bore you.

Just trust me, headphones are the best.

I put my AirPods in each night in bed and listen to Melanie Martinez and I don’t have to hear Mommy and Daddy fighting and I don’t have to cry much.

I don’t have to cry much at all.

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