He’s The One For Me (bp coyle)

I met that nice man from next door this evening, we usually end up putting out our bins at the same time each Sunday. Well, I suppose that’s because I sit by my window all day waiting for him to bring out his. Mine is always ready to go. He is a bit unpredictable that way, you just never know when he will decide to do it.

He smiled at me, he has such a nice smile. Said: ‘Same time as me again Sally. We must have some kind of psychic bond.’

‘Perhaps we do,’ I laughed. I shouldn’t have laughed, my laugh is not my best attribute. It tends to end in a snort.

‘Well, see out here next week, if we don’t run into each other before that.’

He looked sad heading back into his house. He has been looking sad a lot recently. It’s that wife of his, all of those rows they have. The walls are pretty thin in these houses, I can hear most of what’s said. Especially with that listening device I got online.

He’s got no bond of any kind with her.

He’d be better off without her.

to be continued…