HR (bp coyle)

The meeting is in twenty minutes. With the head of HR herself, can’t say I am looking forward to this. I’m in the lady’s room, trying to get my head together.

This isn’t going to be good. I need a few nips from the small bottle of vodka I keep in my handbag.

God I hate that woman. So hard faced and heartless. The only times she smiles is when she’s firing someone. And she hates me, I can tell whenever she looks my way. So disapproving. So superior. No wonder she has such a good job while I enter data for a living.

Another little drop should help. I only drink vodka at work because it is scentless. At home I go for whiskey.

Oh God, what’s this about? Maybe because I’ve been late a lot recently. I need to go to bed earlier.

That bitch is twenty years younger than me! What right does she have to think she’s my better?

Human Resources? Since when did humans become resources? When I started here it was called ‘Personnel’. It sounded better. She wouldn’t know that, she wasn’t even born back then.

Thank God I brought two bottle today.

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