I Hate to be a Bother but… (bp coyle)

Sorry, excuse me…

Sorry could you give me a moment of your time…

Sorry, excuse me, I hate to be a bother but could I please talk to you for just a second.

I wonder if you could help me. It’s my wife you see. She was feeling unwell when we got off the train, a touch of travel sickness I suppose. It was a long journey. She’s getting on a bit, like myself, and she doesn’t cope well with travelling these days. She went to the eh… ladies em… toilets… to… freshen up, so to speak. That was twenty minutes ago and I am becoming a little concerned. Obviously I can’t go in myself, what would people think? I wonder if you could pop in for a sec and see if she’s okay. Her name is Joan. John Freeman. Oh I understand, your train is due, no that’s fine. Totally fine. Of course you don’t have time. Thank you so much. I am sure everything will work out well. Have a nice journey.

Excuse me, I hate to be a bother but could you please listen to me for a moment. Please…

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