I See The Moon (bp coyle)

Wow, there really is such a bright moon out there tonight, it’s like a floodlight illuminating my back garden. It makes me think of you, as most things do. Of course, the moon hasn’t risen yet where you are, that won’t happen for hours yet. You’re barely out of bed, while my day is winding down.

I guess it will shine down on you soon enough, on your world, your life. I wonder if we will ever stand side by side and watch it rise, or lie on the ground watching a meteor shower, making wishes together. Holding hands. I used to really believe that it would happen, but now… well now I still hope.

That’s my worst quality I think, always holding onto hope. You’d think I would have learned better after all these years. Learned to be more realistic, more sensible, less of a dreamer.

Anyway, I know you have going through a rough time, I hope today has been okay. I don’t hear from you as much as I used to any more. I’m not complaining, I understand.

I’ll go back inside now, draw the curtains. The moon is making me sad.

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