I’m a Genius! (bp coyle)

2:00 pm

I’ve been so nervous about this exam, I didn’t sleep at all last night. Finally it’s here. The examiner has just given the signal to open the paper. Oh well, here goes…

3:15 pm

Well… Gee, that was way easier than I was expecting. In fact it was downright easy, full stop. Finished with forty five minutes to spare. I could leave now, catch some golf, enjoy the sunshine… Nah, I don’t want to be the first one to go. Everyone else still seems to be scribbling away frantically. I’ll wait until a few of them are done and gone.

3:35 pm

God I’m bored. It’s such a lovely day outside, I wish I was out there. Still nobody else finished. In fact they all seem to be writing even faster than ever. Is that girl by the window actually crying? What is with these people? The test was simple. At least it was for me. Guess I’m just smarter than them all.

3:50 pm

Still here. I suppose I should glance through and look for mistakes..

Oh God! Oh God no!!!!

I missed four whole pages. They were stuck together.

I’ve totally blown it.

I am so screwed.

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