Inbox (bp coyle)

I am just going to send the story in and then forget about it. It will take them days to get around to reading it. Days at the very least. Weeks maybe. And it will most likely be rejected just like all the rest. Send it in. What harm can it do? The worst that can happen is that they will say ‘no thanks.’ Send it. Forget it. Start working on the next story. Simple as that.

Ha! That is what I tell myself every time. Never works out that way though.

Okay this time it will be different. Should I read it through one more time? No. Stop that. Check that the email address is correct. That the recipient is right. All good! Now press ‘SEND’.

Okay done. It is gone. Forgotten. Moving right on to the next idea.

I should see if I got an email to acknowledge receipt of the story. Yes it’s there.

And it has to be at least ten minutes since I sent it. I should refresh my inbox just in case.

Nope. Nothing yet.

Of course not. It’s only been ten minutes. What is wrong with me?

Just one more quick refresh….

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