It’s Complicated (bp coyle)

‘I’ve been divorced three years,’ he explained. ‘I have three kids. Two of them are in college and one is…,’ he threw his hands in the air. ‘Somewhere in Chicago last I heard. But that was almost two years ago, so who knows.’

She nodded sympathetically. ‘Children can be difficult.’

‘What about you?’ he asked.

She took a deep breath. ‘Well, I have three children from my first marriage. Maggie, Louise and Ben. I didn’t have any with my second husband Bill but he had two already. Jenny and Julian, who still call me Mom.

‘Then myself and Charles didn’t ever get around to tying the knot but we did have two girls, Gillian and Jessie. They are twins, which came as a surprise I call tell you. And Charles already had a set of twins with a former partner, David and Derek, along with another boy, Robert.

‘And now that Maggie has two babies of her own, Katie and Sue, I am also a grandmother. And Jenny is due in early August so I guess that will make me a… I don’t know what. A step-grandmother I suppose.’

‘Wow,’ he exclaimed. ‘I wish I’d been taking notes.’

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