It’s Not Happening (bp coyle)

Look, this has been a long day. Not a good one. One of those days where, you know, anything that could go wrong did.

I want to relax, forget everything. Chill out with a few beers and some brain dead tv.

Yes, I can hear the house alarm going off across the street, I’m not deaf. But no.  Not my problem. Okay I have the key and told them I would keep an eye on things while they went cruising along the Nile for a couple of weeks. They are a nice couple, I hate to think of anything bad happening to their stuff.

But no. No way  I can’t deal with this today. I think I would cry.

When I made the offer I just meant I’d water the plants.

It’s not fair. I have earned a break from sorting out other people’s shit.

I’m turning the volume up to max. Can’t hear a thing except the intro to Hawaii Five-0. Not at all sure about this reboot but the music still rocks.

Damn I think I see movement over there.

I’m going to draw the curtains and make the place all cozy for the night.


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