I’ve Got That Song Stuck in My Head (bp coyle)

A woman was whistling it to herself while I was at the shops earlier. Now I can’t get rid of it.

Oh, what’s it called? You know the one I mean. That guy sang it. You know the guy, the guy with the hair. And the shirt.

It was really big at the time. I just can’t remember the title, or the words. Why didn’t I ask her?

This is driving me crazy. You know it, yes you do. You always said it got on your nerves. Dum de dum de dum… Something like that.

It was about love, I think. And I think there was a girl’s name. Mary? Or maybe Joanne. Josephine perhaps…

Stop laughing at me, this is really annoying. I know you know it. From the 70’s.

And didn’t one of those boy bands have a version that did well?

What? Was it Elton John? No of course it wasn’t Elton John! Don’t be so stupid. How could I forget Elton John? And he didn’t even have hair back then!

Oh you are no help at all.

I will be awake all night trying to work this out.

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