Japan (bp coyle)

We always said we’d go to Japan some day, it was one of the first things we found out that we had in common. Do you remember? You wanted to visit the shrines, I wanted to explore Tokyo. We even discussed going there for our honeymoon, though it was never really on. Way out of our price range.

Then the kids came along and all of the holidays were about them, cottages near the beach, camping in the woods. The subject came up once or twice over the years, late at night usually, lying together reminiscing. That’s back when we did things like that, these days we hardly talk.

Now the kids are grown, moved out and taking holidays with their own families and friends, we should think about it again. We have the money and we are both due plenty of time off work.

I know you wanted to travel with your sister this summer, you mentioned something about Paris and Rome. Perhaps you could postpone it? I’m sure she’d understand.

Oh. I see. I didn’t realise you’d booked it already. I guess that’s that then.

What’s that? Next year? Maybe.

Maybe I’ll just go on my own.

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