Jill From Reception (bp coyle)


I’ve wanted to ask her out for months, Jill from reception that is. She always gives me a warm smile when I pass her desk, always makes some comment about the weather. Of course, she’s friendly to everyone, she seems like a nice person. Anyway I asked around, found out she’s not married, not in a serious relationship. So, I am going to do it at lunchtime. I’m going to march up to that desk and ask her out! Wish me luck.


I did it. I almost lost my nerve and turned back but I did it. And she said yes. We’re going for drinks after she finishes her shift. I am so happy.


That didn’t go well. She’s not at all like I thought she would be. She’s…what’s the right word? She’s… horrible! Yes, that’s it, she’s absolutely horrible. I’ve never met anyone who holds such extreme views about everything. The things she said!!! I was utterly speechless.

The worst thing is that she enjoyed the night. She asked me out again.

And I said yes, I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

I wish I had lost my nerve at lunchtime.

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