Letter Home (bp coyle)

Dear Mom,

Hope all is well.

How are your corns? Not too painful I hope. How is Dad’s back these days? Is Mrs Davidson’s cat still digging up your flowers?

Mom, I want to say how sorry I am, for all of the things I did. The things I said.

Sending me here was the best thing ever, even if I did not see that at the time. The medications they have me on are working really well. I feel better than I have in forever. Honestly, I am a totally different person these days. Dr. Martin says my progress is astounding. That’s the word he used. Astounding!

I think I’ve made a friend. I’ll tell you about her in future letters.

It’s nice here, at the hospital. The gardens are beautiful, I think you’d like them Mom. It would be nice if you and Dad could maybe come visit some time. Visiting is on Saturdays between noon and five. They have a great coffee shop.

Anyway, I know you’re busy and it’s a long way to travel, so I understand if a visit is not possible. Maybe you could drop me a line.

All my love


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