Limbo (bp coyle)

‘Oh Daddy, I wish my results would come. This waiting around is killing.’

‘Almost there honey.’

‘I just know I’ll do well. Then I can get a good job and things will start to improve around here. At the moment I feel like I’m in Limbo.’

‘Did you know that in Medieval times, Catholics believed Limbo was situated at the edge of Hell and was the place where the souls of those who died in original sin went? Although they were in Hell, it was still possible for them to get out. Hence the idea of a seemingly eternal wait for something to happen.’

‘Oh my God Daddy, why do you always do that?’


‘Change the subject with obscure facts. Why can’t you be supportive? Why can’t you say you believe in me?’

‘Oh dear, honey! Of course I believe in you.’

‘It would be nice if you said it.’

‘I hate it when people tell me things like ‘you’ll be fine’. It sounds like empty platitudes. But I really do think you’ll do good. I saw the work you put in.’

‘Thank you Daddy. That means a lot. And I knew about Limbo. You’ve told me before.’

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