Look To The Skies (bp coyle)

Most flee when I try to explain. It doesn’t stop me. They have to know. I am always on the lookout for someone who might understand. Someone who might help. Today I came close. I stand at bus stops, waiting. Not that I am going anywhere, it gives me a captive audience. This one looked different, an outsider like me. Men are best, they like being approached by a random woman, it gives me a few seconds longer to explain.
‘Have you looked at the sky recently?’ I asked him. Naturally, he looked as soon as I asked. ‘See the contrails? The vapour trials? See how many there are. Why?’ It’s important to make them think.
He shrugged. ‘There’s a lot of plane traffic today I guess.’
‘Oh that’s what they want you to think. You can easily go online and find out how many planes are supposed to be in the sky overhead at any time. There are only supposed to be five right now but look, there are nine trails. Why do you think that is?’
‘It is… odd,’ he replied ‘but my bus is coming…’
Damn buses always arrive at the worst time.

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