Looks Good in a Suit (bp coyle)

Oh he looks good in a suit does my boy Jason. You have to give him that. He looks smart. Downright handsome.

Reminds me of his Dad, rest his soul. His Dad on our wedding day. He’s got the same spark in his eyes, the same easy charm. Brought tears to my eyes when I saw him coming down the stairs this morning. The tidiest I’ve seen him since his Confirmation.

I polished his shoes last night and I tied his tie for him, straightened his collar. Told him to stand up straight. No slouching today my boy. He even did a half decent job of shaving himself. It makes a mother proud to see him like this. He’ll make a good first impression.

That’s what the solicitor said to me, his very words. ‘Clean him up best you can Mrs Keane. Suit and a tie. Tell him to get a haircut. Get him to take that… thing out of his nose. We have to make a good first impression on the judge. God knows we are going to need all the help we can get. He’s not going to juvenile court this time around.’

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