Love Is Forever (bp coyle)

When I was eight, my teacher was called Miss Hayes. She seemed old, but picturing her now I guess she was in her early forties. She had glasses and really long brown hair. She wore bright cheerful dresses and loved music. Much of every day was taken up with her playing songs for us on her eight-track. She wrote the lyrics on the blackboard and made us learn them all. ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ by Peter, Paul & Mary. ‘Get Back’ by The Beatles. ‘Days’ by The Kinks. On Fridays she would bring it her guitar and strum while we sang along. There was one song that was not on her tapes, this one was only ever played. It was called ‘Love Is Forever’ by…
And that is the question that has bothered me for years. Who was that song by? I can find it nowhere. I am beginning to think it was something she wrote herself when she was younger and then made her captive eight year old audience sing with her. I am not sure if that is sweet or sad. But I still remember the song well. I wish I could let her know.

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