Me and Ms. White (bp coyle)

When my daughter was seven she moved up to second class and acquired a new teacher called Ms. White.

Ms. White was very young. Very enthusiastic.

She constantly took photographs of her class and posted them on Pintrest. Every day I would get an email informing that more had been uploaded.

She was quite artsy as well and like encouraging the children to make things. At least one morning a week my daughter would say, ‘Dad I need to bring in an empty cereal box, or a jam jar, or an old magazine.’ Almost always something I did not have to hand.

Once it was a dozen egg shells.

Ms White snapped endless photos of these art projects and put them up on Pintrest. An email soon followed to let me know.

By the time the school year was drawing to a close, Ms White was sending me up to eight emails a day, even on weekends. I don’t keep in contact with my family that much.

My wife was starting to ask questions and I was becoming concerned. I presume she was sending the emails to other parents but I never found out for sure.

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