My Restless Heart (bp coyle)

‘Oh dear,’ my young GP said to me. ‘It would appear from the results that you are quite dead.’

I sighed. ‘That’s unfortunate. I was planning on going to a party later.’

It was a Saturday morning. I was twenty two and living away from home. When you are twenty two and living away from home, there is always a party to go to on a Saturday evening.

He shook his head while continuing to examine the printout. ‘That’s a shame.’

I had visited him earlier in the week after experiencing a strange fluttering in my heart. Although it had only lasted moments I was concerned.

My doctor was delighted. He had just purchased a small ECG machine was was dying to try it out.

It was still in its packaging when I got to his practice that morning. He had not even read the instructions yet.

‘Have the symptoms returned?’ he enquired. To which I replied that they had not. ‘Well,’ he said. ‘come back if they do. Maybe we can get this thing to work.’

He was a nice guy, I really liked him.

Next time I had a problem I went to someone else.

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