No More Days (Story by R.C. Peris)

Not to today. No one was going to have a good day today. My company, a doll manufacturer, was laying people off. They were laying me off. Something to do with Chinese tariffs. I didn’t even know what a tariff was. Bastards. It was all politicians. But then I found out Barbara wasn’t being laid off. She was the lady who put the dresses on the dolls. I stuck in the eyes. The eyes were more important than the dresses.

“Oh, honey darling,” said Barbara. “Dear Jessica Lynn. I’m so sorry you are losing your job.” Fuck her.

My boss, a lazy and overweight scumbag, had a poster in his office that said Make America Great Again. I missed the train to greatness. Starting next week I’d be getting unemployment and trying to make rent. What if I had to move in with my mother? The night I was told my position was getting eliminated, I couldn’t sleep. I thought of Barbara putting on doll dresses. I thought of my boss with his stupid poster. I thought of my life. A string of stupid jobs and near poverty. In my closet were a Glock and four magazines. When morning came, I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. It was supposed to be my last day at the factory. I smoked a cigarette outside and watched as workers walked in to punch the clock. When it was 8:02 AM I walked in with the Glock and then shot Barbara, then my boss, and then Marvin, one of the black guys who stuffed the boxes. A few minutes later I heard sirens. I went to my station where there was a tub of plastic eyeballs for the dolls. I knocked it over and then shot myself in the head. My last image was a swarm of eyes staring at me.

No more days. And I made sure no one had a good day today.

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