Once (bp coyle)

It was Friday afternoon and the office was almost empty. ‘Let’s have a quickie in the stationary cupboard,’ Sue suggested. She had said similar things over the years, just a bit of harmless flirting I’d always thought. But that Friday I had knocked back a couple of whiskeys with lunch, so I said ‘Let’s do it.’

And we did it, we did it three times in an hour.

It was great while it was happening but afterwards, driving home, I began to worry. What if my wife found out? What if Sue began to expect things? What if she thought we were a couple now? That I would leave my wife for her. Leave my kids. Oh God, she could be one of those women, maybe she would blackmail me. I didn’t sleep all weekend.

I thought about calling in sick on Monday. How could I face her? However, I deemed it best to face the music. I would have to eventually.

And she was….

Fine. She smiled, waved at me as she talked to someone. She acted as though nothing had happened. What the hell is wrong with her? I was really good! Why doesn’t she want me?

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