One for Sorrow (bp coyle)

Quick,’ Granny screamed from the window. ‘Get the hell over here.’

I put down my schoolbook and wandered across the room, not quick enough though. ‘You’re too late, stupid boy, he’s flown away.’

A magpie?’ I suggested.

Yes. And only I saw him. That means sorrow is coming our way and it’s all your fault.’ Granny is superstitious, to say the least. ‘You’re such a lard-arse!’ she informed me. She also has a cruel tongue.

Staying with Granny in not my idea of a good time. I have to come here after school since Mam went back to work. In fact, I don’t really like Granny at all.

I went back to my homework but Granny wouldn’t let it go at that. ‘I bet someone dies.’ She nodded her head. ‘Yes, that’s what’s going to happen. Someone’s going to die and you’ll be the one to blame.’

I don’t believe any of her nonsense, she’s a silly old woman.

Funny thing was though, Granny had a heart attack later that day. She’s in hospital now and things don’t look good for her.

I know it’s pure coincidence but it does make you wonder…

I always liked magpies.

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