One Life To Live (bp coyle)

We said we would always be close, how could we not be after all we had been though? After all of the nights we had sat up talking and drinking, all of the plans we had shared. We knew each other’s dreams as well as we knew our own.

We said we would forever follow our hearts, forever pursue those dreams. ‘Succeed or die trying’ we vowed and raised our bottles in the air. You only get one life to live, so why waste it? Why waste a second? We said we would live every day as if it was our last, sooner or later it would be after all.

We shared drunken hugs, drunken kisses, drunken vows of eternal friendship. We said we would always stay in touch, no matter where the world took us. It’s not exactly difficult to stay in touch, is it? And our bond could not be diminished by time or distance.

No problem seemed too difficult, no mountain insurmountable. We believed in ourselves, we believed in each other.

But hey, we were really only kids back then.

What did we know?

What the Hell did we know about anything?

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