Paper (bp coyle)

‘Here’s to us,’ we clinked our champagne glasses. ‘One whole year together!’

This was the first time in that year that we had eaten anywhere fancier than McDonald’s. We certainly were in a fancy place. I was still taking in the chandeliers and fur coats when she asked the question that threatened to ruin the evening.

‘So, when did you know?’

‘Know what?’ I replied absent-mindedly.

‘That I was the one of course.’

‘Oh, that, I see…’

‘Do you want to know when I knew?’

‘Well sure.’

‘It was when you came to my parents for dinner and never once said anything nasty about them, even though they were quite rude. And when we left the house all you did was give me an extra tight hug. It was sweet’

‘Wow,’ I said, thinking frantically. ‘I never knew that.’


‘Honestly… well… it was that night as well. I suddenly realised how amazing it is that you are such a nice person when your parents are…’ I waved my hand in the air.


I cringed. ‘Yeah.’

‘Ha!’ She emptied her glass and reached for the bottle. ‘I was hoping for something more romantic but it could be worse.’

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