Put Down the Phone! (bp coyle)

‘Sally, could you put down the phone. There’s something important I want to talk to you about.’

‘Sure. Just let me finish this…’

‘Oh for the love of God’s Sally, put down the phone! Please.’

‘Just give me a sec…’

‘This is ridiculous. You’re tapping away at that thing every waking minute these days. We hardly say a word to each other any more.’

‘Yeah. Almost done…’

‘Are you even listening to me?’


‘Never mind. You’re not the only one. It seems like the whole world has lost itself in some sort of phone fever. I went to the shops today and I swear four different people walked into me, heads down, lost on what they were typing. It’s crazy, nobody can stop for even a minute. Not to shop. Not to safely cross the road. Even in cars, at traffic lights, drivers reach for their damned phones while waiting for the lights to change. And it is really everyone. Mothers pushing buggies, old men on Zimmer frames. I give up!’

‘Just got to finish one little thing..’

‘Goodnight Sally, I’m off to bed.’

‘There. Done. Now what was it you were saying? Oh… You’re gone…’

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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