Red Riding Hood – A Wolf’s Tale (bp coyle)

It’s finally time for the true story to be told. They called me big. They called me bad. In truth I was little more than a cub. Red was thirty eight, far from the little girl she tells the world she was. Thirty eight and still living with her parents. Still traipsing through the forest to Granny’s cottage each day. I knew little about the world back then, nothing at all about people. I had no idea of just how odd she was.
She saw me watching her one day and tossed me some meat from her basket. Every day I would wait and she would have something for me. Every day I let her get a little closer. Eventually I let her touch me. It was nice at first but then she started doing bad things, very bad things, to me. I was so young, I did not understand.
One day her father found us together, and that is when she told her lies to him. As the years went by, she got younger in the story and I got badder. Until we ended up with the story everyone is familiar with today.

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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