Romantic Escape for Two (bp coyle)

GalaxyTours® presents a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Take that someone special in your life on a never to be repeated trip.

We at GalaxyTours® have hollowed out a meteor headed out of our Solar System. We have fitted it out as the perfect home for two. With an Olympic sized, heated swimming pool, sauna and every luxury humanly imaginable. We have stocked it with a lifetime supply of exotic food and drink.

Spend as much time as you wish with your perfect partner, away from the world, away from everyone. When you are ready to retire, clime into our exclusively designed double hypersleep module and cuddle up together. Set it for as near or as far away as you wish.

Or let our automated computer system wake you when you approach the first habitable planet it encounters. But there’s no need to settle. If it is not to your liking, return to your rest. This system is designed to keep going for over a million light years at the very least.

Find your ideal home or spend the rest of eternity searching with your soulmate.

Don’t miss out!

Opening bids start at one million bitcoin.

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