School Blaze (bp coyle)

What a party we had the night our old school burned down. I had dropped out by then and was packing shelves at the local supermarket but I still got a kick out of it. We found out later that the fire had been started deliberately, which was hardly a surprise. Almost everyone in the neighbourhood had bad memories of that place. The school was over the wall at the end of my back garden. I climbed on top of our broken down shed with a six pack and sat there enjoying the view. Seemed like every kid from miles around had got word and come to watch. I sipped my beer while the kids danced for joy and sparks floated high into the evening sky. Every time a bit of roof or wall collapsed a cheer went up. You couldn’t help but smile. The fire brigade took an age to arrive, I wonder if anyone actually bothered calling them. The heat from the blaze was warming my cans but that did not take away from my enjoyment at all.
They never found out who was responsible. Whoever it was certainly gave us all a night to remember.
Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash
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