School Days Over (bp coyle)

The government has finally scrapped free education.

It has been expected for a long time. With most things automated these days there are few job opportunities now. Little need for an educated population, so why should the powers that be waste their money? There are wars to be fought after all.

The children of the less wealthy are to be tested at the age of five. Some will be sent to state boarding schools, where they will learn the old fashioned way. Like I did. Like my Dad and his Dad before. Some will be sent to military training schools.

The remainder, the vast majority, will be returned to their parents to eek out a living any way they can.
My daughter is due for her exam today. I have taught her all I can in the time I had. She is a bright child but she can choke under pressure. I really do not know how she will fare.

Foolish as this may sound, I am crossing my fingers and hoping that she will be sent back to me. I don’t know how we will cope. But we are better as a family.

Whatever may come.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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