Seriously? (bp coyle)

So we’re all like just sitting down to lunch and this new girl rolls up to the table and asks if she can join us. I could not believe it. And Chad is all super nice, you know what a gentleman he is. He makes space so she can get her wheelchair in. He even tries to include her in the conversation. As if a spaz like that could have anything interesting to say. I kept my head down and ate, it was like soooooo embarrassing. She seemed to think she fit right in with us. Geez!

I had to do something, I could not have this happening every day. So awkward. So I wait until Chad and most of the others have left and then I tell her that there’s a table for her people, she would be much happier there.

‘My people?’ she asks, as if I had said something weird. ‘I don’t understand.’

That was so mean of her to put me on the spot like that, she knew full well what I meant. ‘Cripples,’ I explained. ‘Disabled, freaks.’

She stormed off as if I had said something rude.

I mean seriously, she wasn’t even white.

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