Sexbot (bp coyle)

She arrived in a series of plain brown boxes delivered over a three week period. The assembly instructions were included with the last one.

She cost me several years wages. I won’t be going anywhere on holiday for a very long time. But, now that I have her, why would I want to?

It took me a weekend to put her together. I called in sick on Monday morning to set up the controlling program. Why do they always make these things so complicated? I had to call customer support on four occasions.  That was embarrassing!

Her trade name was ‘Cassie 362’ but I changed that to ‘Olive’. Olivia was a girl who sat beside me for double history twice a week, way back when. I had been far too shy to ever strike up a conversation with her.

I ordered her to be as close to Olivia as I could recall. Five foot two, brown hair, brown eyes  As cute as hell. So hot and sexy. Adorable little breasts.

I failed history.

Olivia had been sassy, outspoken, clever, fearless.

For Olive I went for: shy and meek, obedient and submissive.

I really think we will be very happy together.

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