Signage (story by Colin Taylor)

After a spate of bad luck, Tony Asif stood nervously waiting for the sign writers to turn up at his newly refurbished opticians in the old Post Office at the top of the town square.

The council had laid down the law in so many ways,

“A window, commensurate with the established glazed presence of the adjoining retail units”?


The exterior paintwork had to correspond with the Cats League next door and all signage had to be green on pale blue. The sign writers first effort was the wrong pale blue?? When the colours were correct, the font was wrong. All these changes cost money but more importantly time. Today is opening day, if the sign turns up it is.

The van arrived, the fitters, Ken and Mark were straight on the job. Within ten minutes the sign was up, the van gone. Tony stood back to admire the view. The sign was nicely balanced and, the colours were OK, he had to admit. The fit was perfect, it seems after all the expense and hassle he had got it right. 

Everyone could see it, right across the square, Tony’s new opticians, big and bold:


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