Sob Story (bp coyle)

Women! I’ll give you a bit of advice Bob,’ I advised Bob.The best bit of advice you’ll ever get so pay attention. Never trust them. Never trust a woman. See, that’s where I went wrong. I should never have trusted her.’

Bob sighed and finished off his beer. He signaled the bartender for a refill.

I’ll tell you truthfully Bob,’ I continued, ‘Everything was fine before I met her. I was the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. A new girl every other month. Then I fell for her and look where I am now. Penniless and with a broken heart. All because I trusted her.’

Bob finally turned around to face me. ‘Listen pal,’ he said. ‘My name isn’t Bob and I just came here tonight for a quiet drink. Not to hear some stranger’s sob story. We all have our own problems.’ With that he took his drink and went to a table in a far corner of the bar. As far from me as he could get, I reckon.

So now I’m sitting here alone. Just me and my sorrows.

I miss Bob. He didn’t say much but he was a good listener.

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