Strangers in the Night (bp coyle)

Hey, Pete.’

Hey bro, have you been to see Granny recently?’

Yeah, I was there yesterday. She’s fine but those new meds she’s on are sure making her say strange things.’

Like what?’

Well, yesterday she told me that she slept with Frank Sinatra.’

What? Ewwwww… She’s losing it.’

I don’t know, she sounded pretty convincing. This was in the fifties. She said he was doing a big show in town and her friend won backstage passes in a radio phone in quiz. After that they went back to his hotel for some drinks and… Well….’

You believe her?’

Yeah, I guess. It’s not impossible.’

Maybe not, but it’s gross. The thought of Granny with Frank Sinatra. I’m never watching a Rat Pack movie again.

She didn’t always look like a dried up prune you know. She’s quite hot in the old photo’s Mom keeps.’

Oh stop. This is really wrong.’

Pretty cool though.’

Ha, yeah I guess it is at that. Now let’s never mention it again!

I feel like singing The Lady’s a Tramp.’

I’m hanging up. I wish this call had never happened.’

Goodbye Pete. She gets too hungry for dinner at eight…’

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